joy factor

A Big Thank You


Love this and it rather sums up how I feel about the support and feedback I receive from you guys.

My Facebook Page has over 822 followers and the site is gaining more views every week 🙂

Thank you so much for the likes and support – Never in a million thought my kitchen antics and pottering would get this.

I promise to keep delivering at least one new recipe a week, kitchen finds, things that make us smile and the odd training shot and update.

Be Happy


The Importance of Sea Otters


Something to make you smile from my beautiful sister Rachel.

Here is a lovely fact for you:  Sea Otters have a favourite rock which they will keep with them at all times.  You should look up a picture of some sea otters because they are super cute and will make you smile regardless of anything.

She is or course right – Sea Otters truly are wonderful.

So if anything goes down Sea Otters come to our minds 🙂