beauty is skin deep

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

Vit e sorbet

Loving this Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet from The Body Shop at the moment.

Helps mattify your skin (so it doesn’t get oily) I keep this in my fridge and put it on first thing after I have washed my face.

The coolness especially in this heat is amazing.

Vitamin E can speed up cell regeneration, which can create an anti- ageing effect, making skin look younger. Brilliant to help prevent sun damage, acne, scars and wrinkles.

Love this latest addition to The Vitamin E Range from The Body Shop.


Lovely hands and lifting?


A question I am often asked is how do I have smooth skin on my hands and lift?

I do take care of them as no one wants a massage that feels like it’s being done with sandpaper 🙂

My 3 musts that work for me are:

  1. Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop is an amazing hand cream. Skin is transformed after using it and no greasy residue. I use this when I wake up, after I lift and before bed. Sometimes extra if a deadlifting day
  2. Liquid Chalk.  Helps my grip to.
  3. Wrist Straps when required which is usually when I am doing walking lunges or deadlifts. Using some pretty decent weights then

Tip Number 1 – Hydration

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and on this page we will look at ways of looking after it.

Hydration is a key pointer in this.

Researchers disagree on how much water we should consume to stave of dry skin.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that as a minimum women should drink 9 cups of plain water a day and men should drink 13 cups of plain water a day, so around the 2 litre mark as a start point.

If you struggle with drinking plain water? Get a tall glass add a slice of lemon and pour hot water over it.  It’s a lovely replacement for a hot drink.