Olive Oil And Sea Salt Focaccia (DF)


This is glorious and perfect for sharing. Baking this fresh is a delight and you’ll never go back to the supermarket. Just watch the portion control it is moreish 🙂

Makes 12 squares

Macros per square:

Calories 189, Protein 4.5g, Carbs 33g, Fiber 1g and Fat 5.3g

Ingredients for focaccia:

  • 250g Fine Semolina
  • 250g 00 Flour
  • Pinch Of Sea Salt
  • 20g Fresh Yeast (I buy mine from Sainsburys Bakery)

Ingredients for topping:

  • 4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 Tsp Sea Salt

You will need:

  • Pre Heated Oven 240C Conventional / 220C Fan
  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Spatula
  • Scales / Measuring Spoon
  • Large Baking Tray
  • Place the 00 flour, semolina and sea salt in your mixing bowl.

    Mix until well combined.

  • Measure out 300ml of lukewarm water in your measuring jug

    Add fresh yeast and mix until well combined.

  • Make a well in your flour mix add water and yeast mixture and stir in until well combined and you have a ball of dough in your ball

  • Transfer dough to a floured surface and knead for 5-8 minutes

  • Until the dough leaves no residue, is smooth and elastic

  • Place dough on a clean tea towel, moisten with a little water over dough

  • Wrap in 2 tea towels and leave in a warm place to prove for 30 minutes

    It should almost double in size

  • Place your baking tray in oven for 30 seconds then scatter semolina over base

    Roll you focaccia dough out then place on warm baking tray and spread it across the tray

    Spread your 4 Tbsp of Olive oil over dough

    Leave to prove for 5 minutes

  • Make dents in your dough with index finger and scatter your rock salt across the top

    Leave to prove in a warm place for another 25 minutes

  • Bake at top of oven for 12-15 minutes

  • Once baked turn it out.

    Cool and then cut up into portions

    Best eaten on the day



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