Let Them Read Them


I love a good book – do you?

Neil Gaimen (a wonderful author in my humble opinion) hits the nail on the head with this statement.

We learn far more and are encouraged to grow when we do things we enjoy. Especially with children. Play is so important.

In teaching our children to read we give them a much needed life skill and a source of entertainment for life

Enforced reading of books they find boring or are uninterested in is detrimental to their learning experience even if it does hit an educational target.

Allowing them access to a wide variety of books and giving them choice really helps with their willingness to read.

My son infinitely prefers to read Northern Lights than the books set him by school.  Interestingly Northern Lights is a more difficult level but he makes the effort and thoroughly enjoys the story and new words he is learning. This learning follows through into his vocabulary and written work so the benefit is huge.

My brother Gavin flatly refused the “Roger Red Hat and Billy Blue Hat” books when he was younger.

However he had a keen interest in sport and always asked Pa questions on what The Times newspaper had written in the sports section.  Pa told him he needed to learn for himself and as he was interested he did.

Gavin is hugely academic and a prolific reader now so The Times and Pa did well.

So let us read our children bedtime stories, share stories with them, give our children access to a wide variety of books and let them read them.

Have a wonderful week.

Evie x


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