PB2 and Fruit Breakfast Bars (GF)

PB2 and Fruit Breakfast Bar 1st

PB2 and fruit breakfast bars, snack bars pre or post workout bars if you so wish.  The only sugar in these is what is already in the fruit.  So no added sugar, honey or maple syrup.  Just fruity, peanut buttery, oaty deliciousness.

These bars are easy to make, yummy and keep really well.

This mix makes 8 good size bars.

Macros per bar:

Calories 244, Fat 2.5g, Carbs 48g, Fiber 7g and Protein 11g


  • 10 Medjool Pitted Dates
  • 230g Prunes
  • 140g Oats
  • 10 Tbsp PB2
  • 300g 0% Fat Total Greek Yoghurt
  • 200ml Water

You will need:

  • Preheated Oven 180C Conventional 160C Fan
  • Food Processor
  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Spatula
  • Scales / Measuring Spoons / Measuring Jug
  • 8×8 Inch Lined Baking Tin


  • If your dates are dry just soak them in some warm water for 10 minutes

  • Add dates, prunes and water to food processor and blitz until smooth

  • Add this the date and prune mix to a large mixing bowl and add the oats, PB2 and greek yoghurt

  • Mix until well combined

  • Add to your lined tin and evenly spread

    Bake in the middle of the oven for 30 minutes

  • When golden and the bars spring back when you lightly press the middle, take them out of oven and place on cooling rack

  • After they have cooled cut into 8 bars


    These keep well in an airtight container in the fridge or can be frozen


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