I Am More Than My Story

I am more than my story – Eve Patti / Simply Ripping


I am more than my story.  I love this saying and if you wonder what it means then here we go.

Sometimes things happen and it makes our hearts sad, angry, unhappy etc and we have to work through it.

However a wise man said to me, “do not let the event become you, do not let it be you.  Enjoy the rest of what life has and what you are.”  So in those times I say to myself “I am more than my story”

Think of the people in your world, friends, parents, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters etc and the joy those relationships have

Think of who you are as a person, kind, loyal, quirky, funny, loving, cook, massage therapist, artist, music lover etc

Look at the world around you and see the sun rises, the clouds in the sky, the wind blowing through your hair, the way the sun feels on your skin, the sound of a stream, music, art, a book,the sound of children, the stars in a night sky, your body and how it feels to just breath and behold just how beautiful it all is if you take the time to appreciate it.

So many wonderful things that make you and are all around you

You are more than your story.



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