Goats Cheese And Pea Frittata (GF and V)

Goats Cheese and Pea Frittat 1st

This frittata is made up of some good kitchen staples so if caught on the hop, friends drop by, you need something quick, then this is an excellent go to.

This makes a frittata for one, so multiply by the people you are cooking for.  Also it is big and filling, so you may end up having a slice in your lunchbox.  It is delicious hot or cold.

Macros per serving:

Calories 633, Fat 38g, Carbs 20g, Fiber 8g and Protein 45g


  • 100g White Onion (about half a medium sized onion)
  • 100g Frozen Peas
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • 50g 0% Fat Total Greek Yoghurt
  • 10g Grated Parmesan
  • 45g Thinly Slice Goats Cheese
  • 1/2 Tbsp Ghee

You will need:

  • Vegetable Chopping Board and Knife
  • Cheese Chopping Board and Knife
  • Scales / Measuring Spoons
  • Small Bowl
  • Grater
  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Small Frying Pan
  • Grill
  • Finely chop your onion

  • Pour bowling water over your peas in a small bowl

  • Thinly slice your goats cheese

  • Grate your parmesan

  • Crack your eggs into a large mixing bowl and whisk

  • Add seasoning of salt and pepper plus grated parmesan.  Whisk again

  • Add total greek yoghurt and whisk in well

  • Melt your ghee in a frying over a medium heat

  • Add onions and cook gently until softened for 3-5 minutes

  • Add the egg mixture on top

  • Strain your peas then add peas to mix

  • Add your sliced goats cheese and cook until underside is cooked and firm.  This will take about 5 minutes

    Then place under your grill at a medium high heat until top is golden and frittata cooked all the way through.  Should be around another 3-5 minutes

  • Serve and enjoy.

    This keeps well in an airtight container in the fridge and leftovers are great for a packed lunch

Mocha And PB2 Protein Milkshake (GF)

Mocha and PB2 Protein Milkshake First

Mocha and PB2 Protein Milkshake.  The perfect little post workout or snack if you have a gap between meals. That is just so yummy!

This has a protein punch and is so easy to make.

Macros per serving.

Calories 207, Fat 3.3g, Carbs 14.9g, Fiber 2g and Protein 33.3g

Please note macros may change depending on protein powder that you use.  I used The Protein Works Whey Isolate 90 Butterscotch flavour.  Chocolate and Vanilla flavours also work really well.

This makes 3 servings so you can batch make or just divide to the numbers you need.


  • 300ml of cool or chilled Filter Coffee
  • 300ml Chocolate Coconut Milk
  • 4 Scoops Protein Powder
  • 4 Tbsp PB2

You will need:

  • Measuring Spoons / Jug / Scoop
  • Whisk or Shaker
  • Add all the ingredients together to measuring jug or protein shaker and mix until well combined


PB2 and Fruit Breakfast Bars (GF)

PB2 and Fruit Breakfast Bar 1st

PB2 and fruit breakfast bars, snack bars pre or post workout bars if you so wish.  The only sugar in these is what is already in the fruit.  So no added sugar, honey or maple syrup.  Just fruity, peanut buttery, oaty deliciousness.

These bars are easy to make, yummy and keep really well.

This mix makes 8 good size bars.

Macros per bar:

Calories 244, Fat 2.5g, Carbs 48g, Fiber 7g and Protein 11g


  • 10 Medjool Pitted Dates
  • 230g Prunes
  • 140g Oats
  • 10 Tbsp PB2
  • 300g 0% Fat Total Greek Yoghurt
  • 200ml Water

You will need:

  • Preheated Oven 180C Conventional 160C Fan
  • Food Processor
  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Spatula
  • Scales / Measuring Spoons / Measuring Jug
  • 8×8 Inch Lined Baking Tin


  • If your dates are dry just soak them in some warm water for 10 minutes

  • Add dates, prunes and water to food processor and blitz until smooth

  • Add this the date and prune mix to a large mixing bowl and add the oats, PB2 and greek yoghurt

  • Mix until well combined

  • Add to your lined tin and evenly spread

    Bake in the middle of the oven for 30 minutes

  • When golden and the bars spring back when you lightly press the middle, take them out of oven and place on cooling rack

  • After they have cooled cut into 8 bars


    These keep well in an airtight container in the fridge or can be frozen

I Am More Than My Story

I am more than my story – Eve Patti / Simply Ripping


I am more than my story.  I love this saying and if you wonder what it means then here we go.

Sometimes things happen and it makes our hearts sad, angry, unhappy etc and we have to work through it.

However a wise man said to me, “do not let the event become you, do not let it be you.  Enjoy the rest of what life has and what you are.”  So in those times I say to myself “I am more than my story”

Think of the people in your world, friends, parents, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters etc and the joy those relationships have

Think of who you are as a person, kind, loyal, quirky, funny, loving, cook, massage therapist, artist, music lover etc

Look at the world around you and see the sun rises, the clouds in the sky, the wind blowing through your hair, the way the sun feels on your skin, the sound of a stream, music, art, a book,the sound of children, the stars in a night sky, your body and how it feels to just breath and behold just how beautiful it all is if you take the time to appreciate it.

So many wonderful things that make you and are all around you

You are more than your story.



A Massive Sparkly Thank You

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it – William Arthur Ward

Thank you

A massive thank you to everyone who is following me.  My Facebook Page has exceeded over 1000 likes!  Astonishing and wonderful that my kitchen pottering and playtime has this many likes.

The recipes and positive thoughts shall keep coming every week

You can find me on:

Facebook: Simply Ripping

Instagram: @evepatti

Twitter: @Simply_Ripping

Thank you so much again

Eve x

Strawberry, Spinach And Banana Smoothie Magic (GF)

Strawberry Spinach and Banana Smoothie Magic

Smoothies can be amazing and this is no exception!

This delivers on flavours, easy to make and is also a great balance of low fat, good protein and carbs to keep you full and buzzing.

Have it for breakfast, pop it in a jar and take it to work for lunch the choice is yours.

With 187% RDA of Vitamin C and 87% RDA Vitamin A its an added bonus.

Macros per serving:

Calories 362, Fat 3g, Carbs 58g, Fiber 6g and Protein 21g


  • 200g Hulled Strawberries
  • 50g Fresh Spinach
  • 100g Peeled Banana
  • 200g 0% Fat Total Greek Yoghurt
  • 100ml Coconut Milk
  • 1 Chai Shot
  • 2 Tsp Honey

You will need:

  • Measuring Jug / Sales / Measuring Spoons
  • Blender
  • Pop all ingredients into a blender

    Blitz and serve


Happy New Year!

embrace the momentJPG

Embracing the moment will be a key focus for me in 2015

Making sure I take the time to appreciate what is happening and not being so focussed on rushing to the next thing that I miss what is wonderful in the now.

I started this in 2014 and its a habit I wish to grow more.

An amazing poem called Leisure highlights this perfectly:

What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?

No time to stand beneath the boughs,  And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass, Where Squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see in broad daylight.  Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance.  And watch her feet, how they can dance!

No time to wait till her mouth can,  Enrich the smile her eyes began?

A poor life this if, full of care.  We have no time to stand and stare.

– W. H. Davies

Thank you so much for all your support and follows.

Wishing 2015 to be filled with love, happiness, laughter, health and amazing food for you and your love ones.

Eve x