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One of my Facebook followers asked me to write up what I snack on, so here are 12 examples

These stop me diving for the beef hula hoops at the services 🙂 This is no joke if hungry and beef hula hoops are in front of me it’s dangerous to my calorie limits.  Multiple packets could vanish 😉

A couple of pointers that I follow in my snacking:

  • I plan my snacks in my meal plan for the day to make sure I hit my targets. For example on Mondays and Thursdays I cannot have a meal between 2pm and 9pm so a snack helps my energy and satiety levels
  • If I keep feeling hungry in the morning or afternoon I review the previous meal.  I personally work well with a bigger breakfast lighter lunch.
  • When a snacking urge hits try having a glass of water first and wait for a few minutes to see if you are still hungry
  • Are you stressed, bored or angry?  Give yourself a couple of minutes time out and check you really are hungry and not just emotional.

So starting with lowest calories first:


Raw Vegetable Crudites per 100g:

Crunchy scrumptiousness that won’t make to much of a dent in your calorie target that is also a fab fibre hit.

Celery – Calories 16, Fat 0.2g, Carbs 3g, Fibre 1.6 and Protein 0.7g

Broccoli – Calories 22, Fat 0.5g, Carbs 2.8g, Fibre 2.7g and Protein 3.2g

Carrots – Calories 40, Fat 0.6g, Carbs 10g, Fibre 2.8g and Protein 0.9g


Do love popcorn and these come in little bags of joy to help portion control.

Cheese Per bag:  Calories 50, Fat 2.5g, Carbs 5.2, Fibre 1.2g and Protein 1.2g

Sea Salt Per Bag:  Calories 52, Fat 2.7g, Carbs 7g, Fibre 1.7g and Protein 0.7g

Sweet n Salt Per Bag: Calories 78, Fat 3.3g, Carbs 12.1g, Fibre 1.9g and Protein 1.1g


1 Chilli Kallo Rice Cracker, 10g Philadelphia Lightest and a slice of Parma Ham.  Note if taking this into work do not assemble ahead as it will go soggy

Calories 79, Fat 3g, Carbs 7g, Fibre 2g and Protein 7g


For a mug of joy and comfort I love a peanut hottie and I tend to have this an hour or so before bed

Per Serving: Calories 83, Fat 1.4g, Carbs 16.9g, Fibre 0.4g and Protein 2.2g


Boiled Large Eggs so easy to prepare ahead.  A quick tip is to keep them in the shells until you are about to eat them as this stops the yolk going grey around the edges.

Per Large Egg: Calories 89, Fat 6.5g, Carbs 0g Fibre 0g and Protein 7.5g


Easy to have in your kitbag, a cracking carb hit and an old favourite. If working out at 1300 I love this around 1100

Per 100g: Calories 103, Fat 0.3g, Carbs 23.2g, Fibre 1.1g and Protein 1.2g


Dark Chocolate 🙂 A big love and targets permitting 2 squares before bedtime is a wonderful thing.

2 Squares of 85%: Calories 106, Fat 9.2g, Carbs 3.8g, Fibre 0g and Protein 2.2g


A good protein hit (looking into making this) macros may vary per brand.

Per 50g: Calories 120, Fat 1.6g, Carbs 1.35g, Fibre 0.45g and Protein 23g


Parma Ham wrapped Fig a great example of salty and sweet.

1 Large Fig quartered, 2 Parma Ham Slices Halved.

Calories 121, Fat 5g, Carbs 12g and Protein 9g


When on the run a protein shake can hit the spot.  Current shake of choice is a scoop of Rocky Road Protein Powder from The Protein Works and 250ml Koko Coconut Milk.  Comes up like a stunning milkshake.

Per Shake: Calories 156, Fat 6.7g, Carbs 7g, Fibre 0.2g and Protein 19.3g


Protein Baked Oats with Raspberries. A gorgeous fruity moist flapjack.  I will post recipe in the week to share the love.

Per 100g: Calories 169, Fat 4g, Carbs 19g, Fibre 4g and Protein 14g


The Quest Bar a fab protein bar that comes in lots of lovely flavours (I order mine from Amazon) Cinnamon Roll is my favourite and I tend to have these on a Monday or Thursday at 1800ish as this keeps my energy and satiety levels up for work.  I tend to have a lighter supper on these days as I eat late so these help me hit my targets.

The Macros vary per bar but here they are for my favourite

Cinnamon Roll Calories 170, Fat 6g, Carbs 25g, Fiber 17g and Protein 20g


Hope these ideas help.




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