Don’t Wait Until You Feel Better To Do Something

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Don’t wait until you feel better to do something …

Around 2 years ago I was in an unhealthy place.

I felt exhausted all the time, was anaemic, four and a half stone heavier, unfit, intolerant of a lot of foods and being told I needed surgery.

This was a real low point, as I had never felt like this before and did not want to be where I was.

My route back to health has been an amazing journey and my 5 key learns have been this:

  1. What do you want? Yes you, not mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend etc You. It’s ok to admit that something isn’t ok – it allows you to fix it
  2. Ask for help – I am not an expert on exercise and nutrition so I work with someone who is. I told my family and friends.  The support you can get when you ask for help is amazing.  It’s not weakness to ask, it’s empowering.
  3. Celebrate every success Every new move I mastered, recipe I made, every stride forward. Give yourself a well done and a happy dance.
  4. Be compassionate with yourselfYou are human. There are set backs and mistakes but a setback or mistake does not mean you need to descend into a vortex of doom and self damnation. How would you treat a friend who had made a mistake? Recognise the mistake or set back.  Pick yourself up and learn from it. Move back on track to where you want to be
  5. Do what makes you happy – I love lifting weights and because I enjoy it I do it.  Don’t do something because you think you have to and hate it. Do something that gets you active and love it. Tap dance, lift, run, walk, skip, box, hula hoop etc The choices are out there so make a happy choice for you.

I’m really glad that I didn’t wait to feel better to do something.  As back then I don’t think I could have felt worse.

Doing something (or a lot of things) has made me feel so much better 🙂 I have my health and a lot of energy.  I’m stronger, leaner and the food intolerances have gone as has my anaemia and now I regularly give blood.

Ultimately my happy quota is way up.

The difference two years can make ….



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