Banana and Blueberry Protein Pancakes (GF)


Banana and Blueberry Protein Pancakes.  Stunning for breakfast, lunch or supper đŸ™‚

You can mix it up with a variety of toppings and different flavoured protein powders.

Cinnamon, vanilla or apple and cinnamon protein powders have been my favourite so far.


This recipe is not mine.  It seems to have been doing the rounds on bodybuilding forums.  I just added the blueberries. So to whoever came up with these – a massive thank you.

Macros per pancake: (these might vary on the protein powder you use.  I used The Protein Works Vanilla Creme)

Calories 347, Fat 9g, Carbs 33.6g, Fiber 2.3g and Protein 32g


  • 100g Liquid Egg Whites
  • 100g Ripe Banana
  • 1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder
  • 50g Blueberries
  • 0.5 Tbsp Coconut Oil

You will need:

  • Scales / Measuring Spoon
  • Large Mixing Bowl
  • Masher
  • Spatula
  • Frying Pan
  • Fish Slice
  • Weigh out your banana and egg whites in your mixing bowl

  • Mash until well combined

  • Melt your coconut oil in your frying pan over a medium heat

  • Add your scoop of whey protein powder

  • Mix into your banana and egg white mix until well combined

  • Weigh out your blueberries

  • Add you banana pancake mix to the frying pan

  • Add you blueberries to the top of the mix

    Cook for around 4 minutes until the pancake is holding shape, bubbling at sides and you can get fish slice under to flip the pancake over

  • Cook for around 2 minutes on other side, remove from heat and allow to cook in pan for a further 2 minutes

  • Place your pancake on plate

  • Add your choice of toppings and enjoy

    Mine here is with nectarines caramelised in honey and ginger with a black coffee on the side


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