One of my push sessions included …


  • Deadstop Smith Press 25KG 6 Sets 6 Reps
  • Military Press 22.5KG 4 Sets 4 Reps
  • Bench Press Block Press 20KG 3 Sets 15 Reps
  • Depth Push Ups 4 Sets 8 Reps
  • Arnold Press 4 Sets 8KG Dumbbells 6 Reps 1 Set 9KG Dumbbells 6 reps
  • Lateral Raises 4KG Dumbbells 2 Sets 25 Reps
  • Reverse Lunges with 16KG Dumbbells 4 Sets 16 Reps
  • Single Leg Hip Thrusts 4 Sets 15 Reps either leg

Push is my weakest sessions but each week I aim to increase reps or weights and log it.

Have my plan and go for it – Step by step.



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